A Primer Regarding Fulfillment

Contegrity Wisdom takes as the aim of its work addressing the question, What fulfills a human life?”

It does not settle for what adjusts a human life, what makes for a successful human life, or what makes life fun and entertaining. Nor does it settle for what transforms a human life unless that transformation has as its base something unique and sufficient to fulfillment.

So, what distinguishes fulfillment from adjustment, success, enjoyment or transformation?

In my research, and in the life experience of those many who have taken on and lived the Contegrity Approach to life and work over decades, the following minimum conditions apply to fulfillment that lasts — both as a background to living as well as a response to high quality accomplishment.

  • Knowing and living from one’s deepest and unique connection to life and its power
  • Freeing oneself up, and establishing freedom within a community setting of relations to live from and contribute from one’s unique connection to life
  • Establishing a fitting operational connection with life which includes relational support and a pathway for one’s gifts
  • Investigating the sources of power that go with the territory of one’s gifts and talents and providing from that power.

In short, one could picture a triangle with Free, Fitting and Powerful as the three corners.  What arises within the triangle is Fulfillment.

This also becomes an easy diagnostic for one’s current life situation if fulfillment is missing. One of these three arenas will be constrained or suppressed. There will be freedom missing, a proper fit missing — not as in “fitting in”, but more in the realm of finding your resonant fit, or too low of a level of power to be satisfying and fulfilling in terms of what is being accomplished.

In blog posts to follow, I will address these three fundamental aspects of fulfillment individually and in greater detail.

For the moment, however, it might be worthwhile to note:

  • whether you have a clarity regarding where your strength and connection with life centers — what I would call your “DNA of Fulfillment” — that which exists as your calling for fulfillment.
  • Then note whether you are free to provide that, whether you have established a fitting relation with others such that you have the room to provide that,
  • and finally, look to see the degree to which you have access to the power to accomplish and contribute from that “DNA of Fulfillment.”

Whichever of these areas seems the weakest is likely your best area to go to work to develop your capacity to be fulfilled while fulfilling life.

Corporate aside:

On a corporate level, just imagine the waste of the so-called “human resource” that occurs by not providing a culture that ensures that people come to know their central connection to life and power, by not providing an environment that calls for exactly that from them, and by not allowing them to find a fitting role in which they are free to provide from their strengths.

What often happens instead of the above triad of fulfillment is imitation of others, fitting in with the current culture, using processes and methods often designed for another’s strengths, and using persistence and diligence as distinct from development and power.

The cost of doing so exceeds the costs that are being managed by making leaner processes and better supply chains. Though tweaking processes is easier, developing one’s people is the more powerful and productive direction, and tweaking processes occurs quite easily and naturally from there.


About Ken Anbender

Kenneth Anbender Ph.D. has spent the last 50 years working with more than a hundred thousand people directly on the principles and methods that support the fulfillment of a human life -- in community and at work. He has developed a body of work that is licensable called The Contegrity Approach.
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  1. Tony Putman says:

    Terrific, Ken! Cogent and clear. Your “triangle of fulfillment” provides for deep and accurate reflection on one’s current state. I look forward to your unfolding of the aspects.

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