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Kenneth Anbender Ph.D. has spent the last 50 years working with more than a hundred thousand people directly on the principles and methods that support the fulfillment of a human life -- in community and at work. He has developed a body of work that is licensable called The Contegrity Approach.

A Job is Not Necessarily a “Thing” to “Do”

Normal thought generally fits normal language. In normal language, the subject of a sentence, as in “my job needs me to do X”, is considered to be a person, place or thing. Given that a job isn’t apparently a person … Continue reading

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Development Is Not an Item

So much to say. So little room to say it. Development (personal, organizational, evolutionary — and maybe those ought not be separated) winds up as a noun in normal speech. Nouns wind up as things (as in “person, place or thing”, … Continue reading

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Skip the Resolutions — Take On Consistent, Timely, Development Instead

New Years resolutions have a weak reputation. Few would stake their lives on it. Even so, many stake a piece of their future on it. And yet, a fresh year does seem to call for something to mark the changeover. I … Continue reading

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One Size Fits One, Once

The more masterful one is with one’s work, the less one is attached to and reliant upon one’s favorite ideas, methods, and even orientations. One’s work evolves and stays creative, being adaptive and appropriate to audience and situation and timing. The … Continue reading

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What is Worth Leading?

Can we really sensibly discuss leading as if where we pick to be headed isn’t of central importance? All directions and outcomes are not equal. People respond with a deeper “resonance” or sense of inspiration to the call of certain kinds of contributions … Continue reading

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Right People, Right Place, Right Time with the Right Stuff

It is a matter of common sense that work and productivity go better if the right people are in the right jobs. Too bad common sense stops short of saying how one might go about telling who is the right … Continue reading

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From What Perspective Do They Live?

Many conversations take place without regard to something of central importance. And that missing awareness is regarding the central perspective of the person or people being addressed. If you were talking with a child, you might naturally bring the conversation … Continue reading

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Are People Big or Small?

I have been struck by how often developers, leaders and managers come down on one side or another of this issue of people’s basic nature — mostly as a matter of belief rather than of observation. Those who want people to … Continue reading

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Chief Development Officer — M.I.A.

Everyone knows there must be a Chief Operating Officer overseeing the major projects and activities of a large company. Why isn’t it also obvious that there needs to be a Chief Development Officer, at the same level of power and … Continue reading

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Do Organizations Have An Unconscious?

Many psychologists are quite comfortable with the notion that individual people’s actions are often less than rational. They say that this can be accounted for by “unconscious” drivers. The nature and scope of speculations regarding the so-called “unconscious” have gone … Continue reading

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