A quick who, what, where, when, and why: This site is a chance for Kenneth Anbender, Ph.D. to communicate with people who are interested in human fulfillment — whether in their individual lives or at work (not that they are separate and that is part of the point.)

Ideally, it is for development professionals of various stripes — those who have dedicated themselves to supporting others’ fulfillment. You may be a consultant, a coach, a therapist, an HR expert, a program leader or any other stripe of person whose central concern is how to alter the quality and effectiveness of others’ lives in a way that they experience greater fit, greater power, and greater freedom with themselves, others and life itself.

What is being offered is a licensable orientation, methodology and programs that have been designed and tested over four decades with hundreds of thousands of people in various setting, countries, cultures, and languages. The results, by participants own assessment, have been greater peace, greater productivity, a clearer sense of their own power, and an inspired sense of what is available in their very lives. People are left with the sense of being the right person, at the right place, at the right time, with the right stuff.

The fundamental orientation of The Contegrity Approach involves a different sense of what a human being is, a different orientation to time and circumstance, and a different sense of what is central to fulfillment that is at odds with the prevailing culture’s view. There is no sense here that you can buy your way to fulfillment, or cheat your way to fulfillment, or pretend your way there. It calls for nothing less than your rightful fit with life and providing what you have to provide.

Over time, blog posts will address various aspects of The Contegrity Approach, as well as deeper issues of what is most effective in altering the quality and effectiveness of people’s lives — whether in a personal, family, community or corporate/work setting.

There will also be daily quotes made available from various Contegrity programs offered over the last 20 years that give a sense and flavor of this approach to human development.

Please be patient and let there be some time and multiple posts to begin to convey a full sense of a radically new approach to human fulfillment and accomplishment. I will do my best to reveal the orientation, and to offer the chance to be trained and licensed to provide it.

As for why, first of all it is usually a silly question. Second of all, fulfillment is its own why.