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Our Nasty Little Secret: We Don’t Know Jack About Development

It is time for an aside after my last post regarding development as an investment. And that is while we might understand the word “development”, that does not mean we have much of a deep grounding nor power regarding “development”. … Continue reading

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The Investment Model of Development (or the Stupidity of Being Short-Sighted in Long-term Relations)

It never seems like the right time to stop the current action in favor of development. Development makes things worse before they get better. So, it doesn’t seem immediately practical to bet on development when using a “thing-based” short-term timing … Continue reading

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An Alternate Grammar (for Fulfillment)

If the difference between considering oneself to be a person (a “personhood” orientation) or considering oneself to be a “connected self” (more “a Way of Unfolding Life” — see prior post) has a marked impact on the chances for living … Continue reading

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