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A Primer Regarding Fulfillment

Contegrity Wisdom takes as the aim of its work addressing the question, “What fulfills a human life?” It does not settle for what adjusts a human life, what makes for a successful human life, or what makes life fun and … Continue reading

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So What is Wrong with “Transformation”?

Something is “wrong” when it isn’t accurate or reflective of “reality” (for practical purposes, reflective of how life works). 1+1=3 is wrong. In much the same way, the reputation of “transformation”, “personal transformation”, “organizational transformation” is also wrong.  In part, … Continue reading

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Do You Reserve The Right to Be Offended?

If you do, it costs you. Big time. Would you be willing to give up the right to be offended by others and life for six months on a trial basis? That commitment transformed a senior management team at a … Continue reading

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