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Who is a Grown Up?

Normal English would say, “What is a grown up?” “What” indicates a “person, place or thing”. The more awake you are, the more you know that considering a person to be similar to a thing is a deep, deep problem. … Continue reading

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When You’re Small, You’re Small

It would be nice if that title said it all. Assuming it doesn’t, let me say what I was thinking in writing it. I have numerous examples of people feeling small, acting small, or over-reacting from being small that I … Continue reading

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It’s Not an Elephant, it’s a Radiation Source!

The “Elephant in the Room” or “Rhino in the Room“, or “Bleeding Elephant Head” (or whichever version of the 1970’s metaphor regarding what is present and being avoided) has sunk to the level of “common sense” (evil) that believes that … Continue reading

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