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However you’ve found this, welcome.

I intend to offer insights and methods over time that speak to “How to Fulfill a Human Life.” That is the area of work I have taken on over the last 50 years or so, with many thousands of people. And through leaders I have trained, the number of people reached is in the millions — across continents and cultures.

So, what might make this relevant to you?

I’d say that if you count on “common sense” or the prevailing culture to guide you to a fulfilling life, you are in deep trouble. Neither one goes there. You might be successful or have a large pile of belongings that own you as much as you own them, but you would need a lucky accident to deeply know what is your fundamental connection with life, your greatest strength that has always been such, and how to orient a life around providing from that. And knowing and living what I call your “DNA of Fulfillment” is key to having even difficult and challenging circumstances be fulfilling. That is what ought to be being taught in school and supported through practical challenges. That is not likely to happen soon.

Hence, this. Establishing an approach to human fulfillment in life and work, and making it available through dedicated leaders and a committed community of practitioners. Holding out a new cultural orientation that leads reliably to fulfillment through real communication and accomplishment and making the fundamentals of those available. That is the flavor and intent of this website.

I plan to address fundamental issues about human development, human fulfillment, and being whole in fragmented times. I offer that especially to those who see their role in life to be training and developing others.

Stay tuned. Follow the blogs. Sign up for Daily Quotes that reflect The Contegrity Approach (and it may take a little while before I get that working). And give me a chance to take 50 years of experience and material and distill it into something useful to you as you develop yourself and others. (If you got this far, thank you for your generosity.)

About Ken Anbender

Kenneth Anbender Ph.D. has spent the last 50 years working with more than a hundred thousand people directly on the principles and methods that support the fulfillment of a human life -- in community and at work. He has developed a body of work that is licensable called The Contegrity Approach.
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